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I started in professionnal wrestling back in 2001 and since then, I occupied different roles like manager, announcer, commentator, interviewer, booker, columnist, publisher and historian.  I have worked with some of wrestling finiest personnalities, such as Paul Leduc, Carl Leduc, Sunny War Cloud, Marc Blondin, Sylvain Grenier, Réjean Désaulniers, Ludger Proulx, Serge Proulx, Frenchy Martin, Adam Pearce, Rodney Kellman, Paul Vachon and Rick Martel.  From 2001 to its closing in 2003, I had a column on AttitudeQc website, run by Philippe “BigShow” Leclair.  At the same time, I was also writing show reports for the pro wrestling section of the RDS website.  In 2005, I worked for the National Wrestling Alliance, as the announcer of the NWA Quebec territory and his promoter Rodney Kellman.  Also, with Patrick Lono, I was writing and booking the vignettes done to promote the events.  The NWA started its activities back in 1948.

From 2005 to 2008, I published the Quebec Wrestling Almanac, a magazine covering the year on the Quebec wrestling indy scene.  I sold a total of more than 1500 copies for the 4 of them, not only in Quebec, but also in other provinces, in the USA, Europe and Japan.  During this period, I traveled around Quebec, Ontario and the US to sell it, from Montreal to Philly, including Toronto, Sherbrooke and even Jonquière.  Selling these magazines allowed me to be in Philly the day they shot the scene between The Necro Butcher and Randy “The Ram” Robinson in the movie “The Wrestler”.  Ring of Honor website distributed the Almanacs and was selling between 10 and 20 pieces a year.  The Archambault book stores were also selling it.  In 3 years, they sold more than 60 magazines, a success in its category according to them.  Such personnalities as Gino Brito, Jay Briscoe, Mike Quackenbush, Rick Martel, Ronald King, Dave Meltzer, Dave Sherer, Greg Oliver, Paul Leduc, Maurice Vachon, Raymond Rougeau and Steve Corino all had excellent comments about it.  The TNA Impact program on RDS also publicised the Almanac as its commentators Marc Blondin, Sylvain Grenier, JF Kelly and Pierre-Carl Ouellet were doing contests where fans would win a copy of the Almanac. 

I have created the very first Quebec wrestling Hall of Fame, with the likes of Maurice Vachon, Paul Vachon, Gino Brito, Rick Martel, Sunny War Cloud, Raymond Rougeau, Paul Leduc and many others on the voting commitee.  The late Yvon Robert jr also participated to this committee before his death. 

In july 2006, I was a part of the first direction crew of a brand new promotion, the ALF, the first promotion in Quebec mainly devoted to women’s wrestling.  Alongside the company’s owner, Kim Leduc, the group was also formed with Gen Goulet and Geneviève Lacasse.  I’ve participated in this project until October 2006.

Since 2007, I am, with Yves Leroux, the Quebec representant for the most important wrestling website in Canada, SLAM Wrestling and his webmaster Greg Oliver.  I’ve written many articles on Quebec wrestling such as critics of francophone books about pro wrestling or show reviews.  I had the occasion to interview former WWE superstars John Morrison and Melina when they were in Montreal in 2009 for a SLAM assigment. 

From January 2008 to December 2011, I have worked on a book concerning the history of professional wrestling in the province of Quebec. Former NCW booker, Bertrand Hébert, wrote this book with me while the publicity agent of the IWS, Michael Ryan, developed the idea of this book with me and also collaborated to some writing.  For more details, please refer to the section created for the book on this site.   

This project allowed me to meet or talk with the biggest stars of Quebec wrestling history, like Jacques Sr, Jacques Jr, Raymond, Armand & Johanne Rougeau, Maurice & Paul Vachon, Paul Leduc, Gino Brito Sr, Édouard Carpentier, Rick Martel, Pierre-Carl Ouellet, Sylvain Grenier, Frenchy Martin, Ronnie Garvin, Gilles Poisson, Neil Guay, Michel Dubois, Pat Patterson, René Goulet, Abdullah the Butcher, King Tonga, Maryse Ouellet and many more.

Moreover, many of those big wrestling names gracefully handed me many numeric copies of their own archives.  I have now the picture collection of Raymond Rougeau, Paul Leduc, Rick Martel, Gino Brito, Neil Guay, Michel Dubois, Billy Two Rivers, Fernand Fréchette, Fernand Ste-Marie, Maurice Vachon, Paul Vachon, Larry Moquin (from his son), Marc Blondin, Len Shelley, Eddy Creatchman (from his grand-daughter), Réjean Désaulniers, André Roy (from his wife), Jackie Wiecz, Sylvio Samson (from his grand-son) and Linda Boucher, wrestling photograph from the 80’s in Montreal.  Writing this book permitted me to talk with some of the most credible professional wrestling historians like Vance Nevada, Greg Oliver, Dave Meltzer, Matt Farmer, Dan Anderson, Nathan Hatton, Larry Matysik and Scott Teal. 

Also in 2008, I opened a website that includes the whole history of the Quebec wrestling awards and Hall of Fame, website that your are consulting at this very moment!  On top of the awards and HOF, there’s also a ranking of the best Quebec indy wrestlers of the decade. (2000-2009)

In November 2008 and April 2009, I promoted two Ring of Honor shows in Montreal.  My role was to find a venue for them, manage the local publicity and I also participated in the whole oprganisation of both events as well as on the booking side of it.  I also announced the pre-show and translated in French the important messages the ring announcer had to make.  ROH is considered to be the 3rd most important promotion in all of North America.  Also, in November 2010, I announced the pre-show for a show they did in Toronto. 

Since 2009, I vote for the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s HOF, the most important and credible on a worldwide stage and I also vote for their awards of the year since 2008.  I’m also their Quebec correspondant as I sent the editors results of some shows or important news about the territory. 

In September 2009, ToW management ask me to write something about the career of Pat Patterson who was going to be honored by them.  The entire script was read to Pat Patterson by Marc Blondin in front of 1 200 fans and was very well received by the honoree.  I also wrote something similar for Rick Martel, Édouard Carpentier, Gino Brito and Paul Leduc. 

In November 2009, I helped organizing the week Maurice Vachon spent in Montreal before his induction in the Quebec Sports Hall of Fame, ceremony I attended.  I’ve been interviewed by a TVA’s journalist and I provided information to another journalist on CKAC Radio.  I had the chance to witness live the interviews Mr. Vachon did on CKAC and 98.5 FM as well as TVA.  By the same occasion, I was also invited to the premiere of Maurice Vachon’s documentary.  Also, I was asked by Paul “The Butcher” Vachon to organized a big dinner with all of the Vachon family and well known journalist Guy Émond talked about my implication in his column.  Finally, I took the opportunity to bring the Vachons and honored them at a NCW show. 

Still in November 2009, I was interviewed by Dernière Heure magazine about the history of wrestling in the province.  The article was published in December of the same year as the writer took my interview to do a summary of that history

In March 2010, I took the head booker position for ToW, something I had done for one show in March 2009 with Patrick Lono.  I stayed there until December 2010.  I had the chance to work with former WWE superstars The Hurricane, Shelton Benjamin, Daivari and Demolotion (Varry Darsow & Bill Eadie).  Also in March 2010, I started working as the backstage interviewer for NCW Femmes Fatales DVDs.  Therefore, I worked with the cream of the crop of women’s wrestling, such as Sara Del Rey, Amazing Kong (Kharma), Daffney, Cheerleader Melissa, Madison Eagles and Mercdes Martinez. 

In the spring of 2010, I had the chance to interview a second time Édouard Carpentier, but this time, only to talk to him about the situation concerning the NWA title he won in 1957.  As it end up being, I’m the only person Mr. Carpentier has ever talked to about this subject and the very last one to conduct an interview with him. 

In September 2010, at the beginning of a NCW Femmes Fatales show, I was asked to address the fans about the passing of one of Quebec’s best female wrestler, Luna Vachon, who had died a few days before. 

Following the death of Edouard Carpentier in October 2010, many newstations , both TV and radio, contacted me to either confirm the news or to do an interview.  I was the very first wrestling person to talk about his death on national TV.  Both the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and SLAM Wrestling used my files to write about Carpentier’s career.  Since January 2011, I write a weekly column about wrestling on RDS’ website (French TSN).  In October 2011, I was the timekeeper for the biggest women’s wrestling promotion in North America, SHIMMER.  Since then, I sometimes send news about women’s wrestling in Quebec to Ringbelles’ website in England and NorthStarz in Canada.  I also do the same thing, but not only for women’s, to the PWI.  I’m in charge of sending all the necessary bios for Quebec workers for the PWI 500 or the PWI Female 50.  Since the Fall of 2011, I co-host a radio show with among others, former WWE wrestler Sylvain Grenier and former WWE ring announcer and current TNA Impact co-host (the French version) Marc Blondin.  This show gave me the chance to interview the likes of Dave Meltzer and Pat Patterson among others. 

After 10 years, I worked and befriended with a lot of worldwide known indy wrestlers like Kevin Steen, El Generico, LuFisto, Franky the Mobster, Player Uno, Stupefied, Sexxxy Eddy, 2.0, Alex Silva, Darkko and Don Paysan. 

I also had the chance to work with almost every Quebec wrestling promotions.  I announced shows in front of 2000 people, I’ve wrestled a few times and I refereed a bit too.  In September 2011, I managed for the very last time and I announced my last show in October 2011 for NCW Femmes Fatales.   




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